"We are extremely happy with the team’s performance and particularly the leadership you provide”

- CFO, US Firm -

Why is your back office bottlenecked?

Growth is accompanied by new products, geographies, customers, vendors, employees and investors. There is an explosion of business complexity and transaction volume which overwhelms existing systems and processes.

Disparate systems that don't talk to each other, resulting in manual intervention. Growing businesses rarely are ready to implement an ERP system. They usually use a number of disparate systems which don't talk to each other. Data from various systems are integrated for financial and management reporting using Excel which is time consuming and error prone.

Management has no time to evaluate back office processes and figure out how to re-engineer them. Growing companies tend to be very lean in management bandwidth and fixing the back office is usually not an immediate priority for leadership. Back office re-engineering and automation requires strong project management and cannot succeed without high quality leadership.

Midsized businesses often lack the internal capability to streamline key processes and automate them. Not only is management bandwidth is short supply but very often the second level of managers lack process re-engineering and automation skills. Besides, they are most likely too swamped with transactions to be able to find time for re-engineering processes.

IT department doesn't fully understand business priorities and lacks the ability to automate processes. There may be a bias towards using the latest, most exciting technology or towards legacy techniques. Moreover, IT vendors have no incentive to build lean and quick solutions.

We Can Help

We build Smart, 21st century Back Offices by replacing paper and people with platforms and robotics. Highly automated Back Offices are significantly cheaper, faster and scalable.

We guarantee:

  • At least 25% productivity improvement
  • At least 40% cost saving
  • 15-25% improvement in Turnaround Time
  • 99% or better Process Quality

We work with fast growing mid-market firms that are on their way to becoming industry leaders in the next 10 years.

Since we do this for a living, we have specialized skills and solutions to deliver quick results.